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Our company has rich experience and specializes in carrying out complex projects in factories, shopping centers, and active institutions while producing and receiving an audience when the systems and buildings are active

"SIYIM" Industrial Park

Amot Investments Ltd. - IDF Netanya

We upgraded to a record industrial park that includes replacing sidewalks, landscaping, electrical and water infrastructure, scrubbing and a layer of asphalt, a wide execution that includes interlocking stones, gardening water points, and an electrically lit traffic light

Substation ksalon & ein-kerem

Inter Industries Ltd.

Excavation / quarrying, crushing, evacuation to authorized sites and filling of substrates that include laboratory tests and surveyor measurements.

Concrete works including: foundations, beams, walls and ceilings for electrical equipment such as: transformers, high voltage portals and steel constructions.

Development works that include: water infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, firefighting infrastructure, paving roads, fences and gates.

Meysenter Mall

Amot Investments - Carmiel

Demolition and drilling of piles, demolition of an existing structure, transfer of main water infrastructure, excavation of the area, drilling and casting of piles using the microfilm method

OPC Park - Hadera

Park 32,000 sq.m. Construction of a park open to the public that includes earthworks and regulation of the Hadera River route, construction of embankments and horticulture, construction of irrigation infrastructure, drinking water, firefighting, construction of architectural rocks, natural stone ornamental ponds, paths, and natural stone plazas, outdoor lighting, Construction and casting of concrete architectural lighting poles, landscaping work carried out, including vegetation, riverbank restoration, planting and planting, supply and installation of garden furniture and metal pergolas

"Koach Tzomet" Station in Kiryat Gat

The construction of this station starting with the stage of drilling piles and general foundation for all the buildings at the station.

Excavation and clearing earthworks, construction of underground infrastructure for the entire station, drainage, sewerage, electricity, drinking water, fire fighting and sewage lines.

Construction of an underground reservoir of the Eco Block type with a volume of 5,000 cubic meters with the execution of concrete works, water treatment in a workshop building.

Making the foundations of the turbines and transformers and all the concrete elements in the station.

Development and paving works, making gardening embankments including a salt water irrigation system, and planting.

JTLV Group - Yehud

Replacement of paving with natural granite stone over a basement roof, including dismantling and removal of paving stone, dismantling and removal of protective layers for sealing, sealing the parking lot ceiling with protective layers, flooring of 3,000 square meters of natural granite stone in a variety of sizes, installation of lighting poles on the basement roof, copying Fire and hydration infrastructure Gardening and irrigation, including production and supply of metal planters for the catering complex

"Redesign" complex

JTLV Group - IKEA Complex Kiryat Ata

Architectural and horticultural development for the “Redesign” mall in Kiryat Ata, which includes underground drainage and connection to municipal drainage systems, substrate and landscaping work, integrated stone flooring works (16,000 sq.m.) of linear series, architectural concrete, concrete walls covered with basalt stone, all concrete system Drains on the roof of a parking lot

Construction of the OPC power plant

IDOM Company - Hadera

During the project we performed several stages ranging from earthworks – earthworks, drilling and casting piles, casting foundations and perpendiculars for various bridges and elements, performing underground systems such as rainwater drainage, process waste drainage, sewage, electricity, and communication infrastructure for transfer and control, drinking water. And firefighting, paving roads, landscaping, and sidewalk development

Horizontal drilling project

Tel aviv university

Horizontal drilling under an active road
Pipeline transfer for firefighting and electricity infrastructures
Construction of trenches and electrical infrastructure along the sidewalk
Work with an emphasis on safety, combined with the provision of pedestrian crossings

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