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Aharonesi Infrastructure & Development Ltd. is a family company with 30 years of experience and a registered contractor since 1997, managed by the Aharonesi family.

The company is registered with the Registrar of Contractors in Division 200 and 111, including Government Works.

Registered Contractor No. 19621, Registered Contractor No. 15091.

Our company has rich experience and specializes in carrying out complex projects in factories, shopping centers, and active institutions while producing and receiving audiences when the systems and buildings are active.

Among our clients: OPC, Seridom Israel, CMC, paper mills, Hogla Kimberly, Ministry of Defense, Bat Chen Zichron (from the Transportation Group), Amigur (Jewish Agency), Carmit (Mr. Peaks), Sonol Israel Ltd., Amot Investments, Carmel Systems Tanks, JTLV Group, Delek Israel and many more.

We perform:

Execution planning for engineering construction work. Providing surveying services by certified surveyors. Infrastructure, concrete work, quarrying, underground drainage, civil engineering, medium and large-scale trucking, roads, black roads, marking, and road signs.

Construction of underground electrical rooms.

Large-scale flooring and cladding in natural and industrialized stone and interlocking stones.

Water, sewer drainage, and canaling Infrastructure, While taking care of the environment.

Electricity and communications infrastructure. Lighting for parking lots, plazas entrance, and paths.

Rehabilitation of concrete and special castings in a variety of technologies.

Fences and walls in a variety of materials and finishes.

Architectural frameworks, Ornamental lungs, fountains, planters, And water decorations

קבלני תשתיות חשמל

“Our professionalism and expertise in the field are based on reliability and quality of work.”

The Aharonesi family

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